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Mike M Eghtebas
Database Development, Web Programming


Demo Videos

1. Data Upload, Automated ETL:    watch demo video; ~3 min.
At Kaiser Permanente, we discussed the administration of monthly data from different sources to our Performance Dashboard project. This task could be assigned to a new database administer or else to existing personnel. My solution was to create an ETL module demoed in this video which could be operated by any junior staff. This ETL module uploads and verifies the incoming monthly data, and produces error log. After correction, the data gets uploaded when ready. Therefore this critical task has been done with least cost and dependency on any particular individual. The process was automated allowing ETL to take place under an hour instead of few days. This module in MS Access updates SQL Server linked tables.

2. Data Search, Slice & Dice:    watch demo video; ~3 min.
This video is an overview of data slice and dice search I have successfully used on many of my database applications. In this method, users start search without any hierarchy constraints starting with any criteria in mind...

3. Data Slice & Dice System (DSDS):    watch demo video; ~3 min.
At a meeting about the design of a Y2K project for Union Bank, the heads of various departments wanted a proposed hierarchical search to start with different criteria. Some wanted the search to start with social security number while the others wanted to start with account number or last name. The idea behind DSDS that I had developed at an earlier time was my solution here to satisfy all of their requests. With this system, users were able to start their search with no hierarchy constraint; they were able to start their search with their own preferred criteria. In this video, the same technique is applied to the Northwind database to illustrate its use.

4. ExxonMobil Overtime Reporting Application (EMORA), 2005:    watch demo video; ~3 min.
The main focus of this application was to conduct a parametric study of excessive overtime. This monthly effort took about 2 weeks each month and required a number of meetings with personnel from various departments to come up with some explanations. The process was very arduous and never produced a satisfactory resolution. The application demoed in this video reduced the two-week effort to under 10 minutes. The interactive forms and reports in this application produced a very clear and precise actionable picture. The office manager was able to take corrective action first day of the month without any additional delay.