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Mike M Eghtebas
Database Development, Web Programming


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Project: Excel Workbook Rollup Application, Access 2003
This application coded in VBA manipulated thousands of Excel workbooks remotely. A master Excel file was created based on the latest IRS forms and requirements. Many macros, links, calculations, and MS Queries were installed in its worksheets. After the master file was made, the Rollup application opened about 2000 Excel files remotely one at a time to update their content per master Excel file while keeping their data content intact (worksheets deleted and reinserted and the links repaired). The operation was handled in a matter of two hours compared to two months of manual work otherwise. The new macros and the MS Queries in the master Excel file were propagated to 2000 remote Excel files as well. Some 10 CPAs and their staff worked without interruption for this operation. Code compiled a list of the files in use to handle them later until they all were done.

Project: Excel Mass Print, Visual Studio 2005
Developed this smart application to boost office productivity which saved a substantial amount of operation cost. Management described this tool as very helpful and gave a half-day off for the increased productivity to the department. The users were able to view their workbooks from different folders along with their worksheet tab names on one screen without navigating through company’s file explorer. Users were able to perform many common operations like selecting number of workbooks along with some of the tabs in them to print all at once. Compared to manual method of printing (10 workbooks each with 5 worksheets selected requiring about 150 clicks), compared to 5 clicks using this new solution. There were many other features included with this system to be discussed later. Please ask for desktop demo.

Project: Admin-worksheet, Excel 2003
Admin worksheet was designed and added to the Excel production workbooks to help the Office Manager maintain a good degree of control over security, naming conventions, and formatting styles throughout the workbooks to maintain uniformity and consistency. This resulted in ease of operation and productivity.

SQL-Server Data Conversion, Access 2003
This application was designed to assist with SQL-Server data, insert, update, and delete. Instead of entering the data record-by-record, it allowed the managers to handle large number of records at one time (after a series of data quality control procedures prior to the execution).